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Our philosophy is simple to explain but requires dedication to live up to. It is to deliver to our clients the highest possible standard of legal services in a cost effective way. Our success as a firm has been possible because of our disciplined adherence to this concept. We provide the highest quality representation by focusing on our clients’ needs, understanding the big picture and long-term issues from our client’s point of view. With expertise and experience our clients can rely on, we provide clarity where issues seem complex, and direction when decisions seem difficult. Focusing on clients means delivering efficient service, protecting our clients’ time and money.

As a client, you can meet the people involved in any aspect of your file, and have access to our most senior experts. We can be more nimble and responsive than the multinational or national law firms while having the specialized resources of a large, full-service firm.

We've practiced law in the National Capital Region for over 40 years. During this time we've witnessed and participated in its growth, and we've been committed to our community's business and charitable organizations. At Perley-Robertson, Hill, & McDougall, we believe our clients' success and the success of the community in which we live and do business, is our success.