Our team of litigators have extensive experience in defamation law, both as counsel for individual and
corporate plaintiffs seeking to protect their reputations and for defendants.  We understand the high
stakes involved when your reputation is threatened.
Traditional defamation law has many intricacies, ranging from how you prepare or defend against claims,
what evidence is required, and how damages may be quantified.  These matters have only become more
complex in light of the internet, which has become a venue replete with defamatory statements.
If an individual, competitor, client, or news organization defames you orally, online, in print, in an email,
text message, or video, we can help restore your reputation.  Our experience includes, among other

  • Claims for libel and slander;
  • Corporate and personal defamation law;
  • Internet defamation matters, including cross-border disputes and locating the identities of those anonymously defaming you online; and
  • The requirements and limitations set forth in the Libel and Slander Act.