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Student Summer Program


Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall offers students the opportunity to begin their careers with the premier independent full-service firm in the National Capital Region as a summer student after completion of their second year of law school or after the third year of a four year program.

Students get to know our firm while gaining valuable hands-on experience. All summer students are assigned a mentor to offer advice and guidance during the summer months. Although the short time frame does not allow for a complete rotational program, a modified system ensures that students get exposure to numerous different areas of the law. Most importantly, our students gain exposure to a dynamic, growing, successful firm and the leading professionals who make it happen. Summer student salaries are on par with articling students. We also encourage our summer students to join in our social functions for the season. In fact, the vast majority of our summer students enjoy their experience so much that they choose to come back here for their articling term. We take our student programs seriously because we know many of these students will be building our firm in the future.

Join us for the summer; we believe you’ll come back.

For information on how to apply, please click here.