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The Accidental American (en anglais seulement) - Gregory Sanders

30 avril 2012

PDF DOWNLOAD Some people estimate that there are approximately one million U.S. citizens living in Canada.  Surprisingly, not all of these U.S. citizens have been compliant with their U.S. ...

Listen to that Trade-Mark: Protecting Sounds as Trade-marks in Canada (en anglais seulement) - Paul W. Donovan

20 avril 2012

PDF DOWNLOAD Sound marks are a sub-category of trade-marks that involve the use of a particular distinctive sound in order to distinguish one’s goods and services from the goods and ...

Invasion of Privacy: An Actionable Wrong in Ontario (en anglais seulement) - Emily S. S. Rahn

10 avril 2012

PDF DOWNLOAD Recently, the Ontario Court of Appeal released a landmark decision confirming the existence of a new tort in Ontario.  In Jones v. Tsige, 2012 ONCA 32, the Court of Appeal ...